Screen Rebuild Kits

Choosing the Right Size Screen for Your Medicinal Needs:

All of our grinder screens are laser cut ensuring consistency and quality.  Furthermore, our screens are domestically sourced from 304 Stainless Steel, guaranteeing our medical-grade promise to patients.  We realize that user needs may differ from patient to patient when utilizing the pollen that is created after passing through the stainless steel screen section of the grinder.

We currently offer all of our grinders with a standard size screen. However, we also offer both a larger and smaller size screen which allows the patient to decide which size is most desirable to their specific needs.  The main variables associated with pollen collection are involve the type of herb(s) being used and the moisture content in the herb(s). At the discretion of a patient’s choice in medication, this is critical in determining the amount of pollen generation. 


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