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Our Medium 4 Piece Phoenician Grinders are 2.470" in Diameter, 2.225" in Height and weigh 6.8 oz, making them the perfect Grinder size for using around the house.  The Phoenician® Grinder is the first USA-Made Medical Grade grinder. We have tested and engineered every aspect of our grinders in order to offer you the top grider available.

The first aspect that sets us apart is our exterior lobe-grip which no other grinder on the market offers. The lobe-grip not only offers you a superior grip during use but also increase the grinders structural support. Our diametrically cut teeth were designed to provide the ultimate & Ideal consistency as well as the greatest amount of reduced friction. These teeth cut down and through herbs like sheers instead of the typical mash and tear. The resulting consistency is an ideal fluffy mulch.  Our patented thread lock design is like nothing in existence. Technically it’s not even a thread. This design completely eliminates the threads, all cross threading and vastly reduces the amount of residual build up that inevitably accumulates into the threads of typical grinders.

All Phoenician grinders offer 3 sizes of replaceable 304 Stainless Steel screens. We realize that user needs vary from patient to patient when utilizing the pollen generated from grinding. As a result we offer the user three different mesh sizes to cater to any patient’s specific needs.

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