QualityAll of our grinders are precision CNC machined with the newest technology the industry has to offer. Every single unit we produce must pass a dimensional inspection, and every lot produced must pass a rigorous first article inspection. The standard tolerance allowance for most aerospace and medical applications is +/- 0.010”, here at Phoenician Engineering we strive for perfection which is why every grinder we produce is held to a tolerance of +/- 0.003” on most features and down to +/-0.0005” on critical functionality features. We’re re-defining what quality means and the end result speaks for itself.

Everything from the material, the magnets, the screen, the screen screw, the pick, anodize, plating, and laser engraving are all made and sourced in the USA ensuring quality, traceability, and accountability.

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) considerations are typically implemented in aerospace applications, however, Phoenician Engineering considers patient health as paramount in de-burring procedures. De-burring is the term used in the manufacturing industry that describes how the sharp edges are removed from a product after it has been machined. In lower-quality grinders the user will typically find that these sharp edges have not been de-burred or in some cases little flakes of material can break off and unfortunately end up in the medication itself. We control this by programming tools to specifically remove burrs in certain areas ensuring that 100% are removed and one is never missed. Additionally, we implement an AQL inspection of 100% post de-burr in our production process.


Our standard and elite Phoenician Series grinders are made from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, all DFARS compliant and domestically sourced. 

Both the Standard and Elite series grinders incorporate a Ni-Cu-Ni coated N52 Neodymium magnet to hold the lid in place. The N52 rating is the strongest magnet currently on the market, and the coating helps prevent the magnets from chipping; a common problem typically associated with lower quality magnets.