Phoenician products are innovative in every aspect, having been completely redesigned and engineered to maximize the users experience while creating long term value.



The grinder’s exterior incorporates a lobe styling which provides additional grip when compared to other grinder brands that have a round knurl grip. The lobes also function to hold bumper rings which are an accessory we offer that helps protect the grinder from damage and provides further comfort when in use. On the Large grinder model we offer a lid variation that includes both a 1 ¼ inch rolling paper holder/dispenser as well as an ashtray.

The grinding teeth have been drastically improved to significantly reduce friction and preserve trichrome integrity. The positioning of the teeth allows the user to easily place the unground herbs within the grinding chamber without the need to squish the herbs down with the lid. This is because we have strategically reduced the teeth surface area and have an additional cutting edge on the teeth tops. The teeth are also positioned to engage incrementally in a shearing or cutting motion similar to scissors. Other grinder brands typically have substantially more teeth and are flattened on the teeth tops, this results in increased friction and creates a tearing motion that can degrade the herbs trichromes. The optimum consistency of the ground herbs is controlled more efficiently through the inverse trapezoid shape of the fall through section. This shape not only adds to the grinders visual appeal it works in conjunction with the teeth design and results in the fewest lid rotations necessary to completely grind the herbs. Other grinder brands utilize simple holes or slots that do little to assist the grinding process or help control consistency.

The grinder utilizes a unique triple locking wedge mechanism to conjoin and unjoin the various sections. This design is superior in every aspect when compared with other grinder brands that have standard screw threading because it will never bind, wear out or cross thread. The locking wedge mechanism also allows the user quicker access to the various grinder sections as a simple 1/3 turn will conjoin and unjoin the sections as opposed to multiple rotations with screw threading.

The filtering section of the grinder incorporates a thick stainless steel screen that is supported by a spiral cross brace from its underside. This design allows the screen to rest in its natural state while being secured in place by a central screw, this also allows the screen to be easily replaced. We offer multiple screen sizes depending on the user’s specific needs. Other grinder brands typically stretch fit the screens in place like a musical drum, this methodology is much more prone to the screen tearing/stretching and it also doesn’t allow the user the option to replace the screen.

The bottom section of the grinder that catches the filtered herbs has been shaped with a full bowl like radius making the removal of the pollen much easier when compared to other grinder brands that have square corners.