About us


We exist to provide unparalleled medical-grade ancillary products for the natropathic medications industry. We are guided by our value of our responsibility to patients, physicians and cultivators alike and are committed to facilitating a positive change in society through educational advocacy.

We recognize the need for leaders in an industry that has been waiting to shed its’ stigma and we are confident in our position as pioneers on the frontlines of a sensible educational, economic, and medicinal platform on which we strive to grow. Phoenician Engineering lives by our unwavering commitment to domestic manufacturing, utilizing the highest quality materials, and engineering the industry’s first medical grade standard.

Our Location

Phoenician Engineering
1660 N Rosemont, Suite 109
Mesa, AZ 85205

Phone: 480-207-6697
Email: services@phoenicianengineering.com

Corporate Social Responsability

In recent years CSR parlance has shifted from an intrinsic policy to a public relations façade. As ambassadors of the plant, the movement, and the industry, Phoenician Engineering takes our responsibility to our community and environment seriously. As such, we have outfitted our entire manufacturing facility with energy efficient LED lighting and have implemented a materials recycling program to ensure our waste is limited.

Furthermore, we implement biodegradable cutting fluid in our manufacturing processes that is as safe as drinking water once recycled. We are a patient-centric company and volunteer our time to progressing patient care as it relates to medicinal natropathic medications. If you are interested in joining us please fill out your contact information and a representative will contact you with upcoming opportunities.